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[VIDEO] “If only I Had Listened To My Daughter Before It Was Too Late” Ghosts

Ghosts From The Tunnel Had Moved Into Their Home and Possessed Them!

Paintings flying off the walls, horrific human/ghostlike things appearing in the children’s room. Striking fear into their hearts… The Ghosts were driving their family apart. And it kept getting worse!

ghosts in the house

At one point Julie was sure she was being possessed by the ghosts,

“They took control of me, I was doing things, but had no control over myself to stop them! it was like i was being possessed”

Her husband found her cut to pieces in her own kitchen one day… Then he started to hear the voices of the ghosts himself!

Then… katrina (the daughter), one night when she went to her mother’s bed for comfort, woke up to  see her mum lifted of the bed floating above her… she was terrified to say the least!

Chilling indeed! and little comfort to be found that night

Watch their True Story on the next page. You can judge for yourself whether their story is real or not… We don’t want to find out!


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