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Another UFO Over The Moon Sighting: Sept 27, 2015

No One Can explain what thisĀ  is! He Shows How This One Is Closer To The Than The Earth, Ruling Out the Possibility of it Being a Satellite!

Our friend “Crrow777” has spotted another over the moon. This guy is very precise and careful, explains every aspect of his finds and details any and all enhancements to all of his videos of a ufo over the moon.

What is a ufo over the moon? We simply don’t know, but whatever these things are, even though we can’t explain them right now, gratefully people like Crrow777, are out there recording and sharing their findings.


Three objects were shot transiting the moon this night which is one day before the lunar eclipse. This is the first objects of this kind shot in months and in the past object (UFO) activity seems to increase around and during eclipses.

fromĀ Crrow777

Here is a close up of the UFO over the moon

ufo over the moon


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