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The Ghost of Stow Lake

ghost sighting at stow lakeThe Ghost of Stow Lake and a statue that has turned an ery white colour that the experts can’t explain.

We have all been pulled up by the police at one time or another, nothing unusual there!

But this guy was speeding and there aren’t many reasons that you can give the police for speeding that they will actually buy into.

Especially far fetched ones, but this one convinced them and, no doubt sent a chill up their spines as well!

The story goes something like this:

January 6, 1908, the San Francisco Chronicle reported a rather strange encounter that had taken place in Golden Gate Park. Police had pulled over a man for ‘speeding’ and the reason they were given for his fast driving was that he had just had a terrifying encounter.

The man said he was trying to leave the park when a figure blocked his way. He described the figure as being that of a woman who had a ‘shine’, was dressed in white, barefooted and put a terror in him.

In Stow park, there is a statue called “The Pioneer Mother”the ghost of stow lake

There is a legend that states the Pioneer Mother is haunted, possibly cursed, and has the ability to move, and it’s this twisting of the metal that has caused some of the ‘scarring’ that has been found on the statue. Scarier still is that the lightening of the bronze colour could be due to the resident energy wanting to be represented by something much more lifelike.

Many people believed the white colouring was not part of any natural process, and although those with a scientific mind concluded it may have come about after a chemical, possibly acid, had been thrown at her, there are more than a few who believe the colouring may have something to do with the supernatural stories linked to this monument.


Whatever has caused this mysterious whitening of a statue that really shouldn’t be white, there have been many more ghost sightings of the ghost at Stow Lake since that first one back in 1908, to many to not pay attention to them.



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