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Poltergeist Throws Things Around Her Kitchen – Get Me Out Of Here!

Whether It’s A Real or Not, It’s Still Damn Creepy!

Poltergeist caught on video – one of our readers submitted this video of a throwing things around a kitchen to us the other day.

You be the judge of whether it is real or not… All I know is it is creepy and I don’t want it coming around to my place!


Poltergeist activities are on the rise! seem to be more and more active now.

These supernatural beings are supposed to be responsible for all manner of physical disturbances.  Things like loud noises, furniture  being tossed around the house and even sometimes being broken or destroyed. Most poltergeists reports describe things moving  or objects floating around the room, and things like knocking on doors but no one being there.  People claim to have been pinched, bitten and hit by Poltergeists.


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