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Moon Conspiracy Part 2 – Buildings on the Moon…

We Are Not Being Told The Truth About

There are even more weird things happening to theĀ . Following on from theĀ revelations in “Moon Conspiracy – Part 1” and from our earlier post about the very strange properties of the moon “New Findings Prove The Moon is Artificial“. The plot thickens even more!

I am not going to profess some special knowledge about what’s really going on, but I will say that something very very fishy is afoot.

The Moon - What's the Real Story

We have found footage that literally blew my mind! It is leading me to firmly believe that we really are not being told what’s really out there. The Moon is not what it appears to be. Neither is the earth, well it seems it is what it appears to be and is not we are told it is, (more on this in a heavily researched post, coming soon).

Isn’t it interesting that NASA can show us highly detailed images of supposed galaxies ten’s of millions of light years away, but they can show us anything but blurry images of our closest neighbouring sphere!

This begs the question… Are they trying to hide something? It sures looks like it to me.

Then all the mounting evidence, like the incredible video in Part 1 of this series, and the mind boggling video below and more that I will be presenting you in posts we are still working on.

It’s all really very strange :-/

when I first watched the video below about the moon, I was immediately impressed by how much this view of the moon reminded me of LA. Or any city in the world really. If you added in some colour, it would be almost identical.

Don’t agree with me? After you have watched this footage of the Moon, open up google maps and squint your eyes and do a fly over of your city with that and you will see exactly what i mean.

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