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The Children Come Out at Night… Supernatural Buzz

The Only Problem Is They Are DEAD!

A chilling series of events that only happen when the Children Come Out at Night…

Maple Hills Park is the park where the children come out at night to play, at least the dead ones! And guess what, Maple Hills Cemetery is right next door! It’s common knowledge that at night the children who were buried in the cemetery next to the playground take over the park for themselves and play!

children come out to play

Most locals call the park by it’s other other-worldly name, the ominous ‘Dead Children’s Playground’. Up until 1901, the whole area was know to locals as ‘the burying ground’.

the burying ground

The Children Come Out at Night…

Why? Because of the high levels of ghostly activity that has been reported by far too many people to ignore!

People have heard children calling each other, children playing, mothers calling their children’s names, the sound of children running… Creepy creepy creepy… All of these events have been experienced but only by the many people who dare to enter the playground after nightfall.

In 2007 the city of Huntsville, Alabama, attempted to remove a playground in order to enlarge the neighbouring Maple Hill Cemetery. A public outcry at the removal of the park was heard and soon new play equipment was installed. Local children could continue to use the parks facilities… but many who know of the legends of the area will tell you that not all of those children are living.

The Only Problem Is They Are DEAD

Between 1945 and 1955 the area the playground now sits was the site of a limestone quarry. A series of child disappearances began to be reported in Huntsville, and, with none of the children turning up, it was soon feared a child murderer was prowling the neighbourhoods. These fears were soon given substance when a small skull was found by someone walking through the abandoned quarries. On investigation several skeletons were recovered, along with the small corpses from fresher murders.

It seems to us that this might explain why there are so many paranormal occurrences in this seemingly harmless park, thankfully these dead children come out at night, only come out at night. during the day, only live children play!


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