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Alien Intervention – Unbelievably Massive Anomalies!

We Have Found Video of Alien Interventions That Explain These Massive Anomalies Suddenly Appearing Around The Globe!

In almost every corner of the world, massive anomalies have been appearing suddenly, breaking through our skies and creating massive and truly spectacular shows that could not be explained… Until now!

The anomalies are NOT the objects themselves. The strange part is what is happening to the objects. The videos you are about to watch are missiles and meteorites that are being mysteriously vaporised and neutralised. Massive anomalies in plain sight of thousands or even millions of people.

UFO-massive anomalies

These massive anomalies seem to be on the increase. Some think that these things are UFOs running some sort of special mission to rid our skies of these machines of death.

Our last video, on the next page finally sheds light, literally, on what has been behind these spectacular events in our skies.

Here is the first of the massive anomalies, a Russian Missile Anomaly

Source: Youtube

Go to the next page to see a Japanese missile incredibly disappearing into thin air. No debris is falling down. There are no flames or explosions. They just vanish!

massive anomalies

And another video that finally shows who is behind these events!

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