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UFOs Engine Fires -Video Shot On Both Coasts of USA

On One of These UFOs You Can See The Engine firing on a Bright Red Cylindrical .

Many of the images are shot during the day, so the object’s color is easily seen.

The clips are a compilation of videos from two different people, they are shooting the same UFOs at the same time from opposites sides of the USA.


The creator of the videos says “Two of the clips here were shot with a small scope and two with a large scope. Even small telescopes of 90mm or better will provide beautiful shots of the moon.”

He also recommends Celestron telescopes. Without a huge investment, you can find a telescope to see these objects for yourself and get a telescope that  you can even take video or photos with yourself. Even a 90mm Celestron telescope is big enough to get fantastic images of the moon.

Here are some Celestron Telescopes and Camera Adaptors to check out:

See below how the engine begins to fire up, this was the frame before the image at the top of this post


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