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UFOs’ Filmed Flying Over The Moon By Cameraman

[Breaking Update!] New Video Showing UFO firing 3 engines multiple times (go to page 3 to view this new video)

“These UFOs’ Don’t Look Like Any Satellite We Have Ever Seen” He Says.

Crrow777, a Youtube user who spends countless hours filming the moon with high-definition digital cameras and telescope equipment says he believes he has now captured several UFOs passing in front of the moon during his shooting sessions.

He is a very thorough man, who also uses star and satellite tracking software to check whether there are any commercial satellites that may have been in transit across the moon at the time of his video sessions where he is shooting these UFOs – (See The Next Page for details on how he does this).

The cameraman says:

“I never post any hoax footage, I only manipulates zoom, colour and contrast to highlight anomalies I catch on camera”

He is very clear that the image enhancements are only to make the anomalies clearer and not to mislead viewers. You can judge for yourself as he explains in detail what enhancements he is making & why he does them and always shows the raw footage repeatedly.

This guy is a “Moon Geek” there is nothing fishy about him that we can pick up, seems to have a real passion for filming the moon with the best camera gear he can get his hands on and in the process has been picking up images and video footage of what looks like real UFOs passing between earth and the moon.

What do I mean by UFOs? As always, Unidentified Flying Objects, we simply don’t know what they are! But because of this mans cross checking and his thoroughness and attention to detail, we are reasonably certain that they are probably not satellites (with the exception of secret military satellites).

Watch the video, make your own decisions… we found it really interesting.


We also added another video showing how he cross references Norad systems to check on if it is a satellite.

Go To The Next Page To See How He Confirms They Are UFOs & Not Satellites


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