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[UFO Sighting] Golden Orb Floats Over Sea In Sevastipol, Russia

Clear Footage Of this Golden Orb Makes This One Irrefutable… An Incredible UFO Sighting!

This is a truly beautiful UFO Sighting… and we have seen a lot of them! The UFO glides across the ocean with no sign of a jet trail, no sound and reflecting it’s surroundings. It’s a rarity of a UFO sighting.

The witness who shot this says to the fellow he is with (in Russian):

“Look, I tell you it’s not a bird, it’s a kind of a ball, look at the camera, it’s not a bird… You can’t see any wings, there is no flapping.”

My wife translated this for me, she said that his tone of voice, combined with his words gave her a real sense that his reactions were truly legitimate and that he was really baffled by this UFO sighting he was shooting.

source: youtube

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These are from NASA’s Live Feed on the International Space Station:

Caught On NASA’s Live Feed on ISS

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There have been several really clear and exciting over Russia in the last months. This is just one of them.


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