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Undeniable UFO Footage Over The Moon

 Showing Object Passing Over The Moon & Changing Course, Ruling Out Satellite Option

We recently were provided with a fascinating UFO footage, shot by a Moon enthusiast that clearly shows a passing between us and the moon.


We have featured  similar stories last month (See UFO Filmed Flying over the moon & Another UFO Over the Moon firing It’s Engines. They both were incredible.

But this one is something special, it changes course half way through the video! This is rare and confirms that there is no chance at all that this UFO footage is not of a satellite.


The more we research this type of , the weirder things get!

What is it? As always we leave this up to you to decide, we are intrigued and will keep looking for more stories like this one and while people keep shooting video of the moon, it seems more evidence of UFO activity will keep popping up!



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