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Reincarnation is Real – A 3 year old Solves His Own Murder

And Sends His Murderer To Jail… Proof of Reincarnation

This video will amaze you, the boy had been speaking about being murdered for a long time, his parents and others thought it was strange, but could not be real.

Then one day, it caught the attention of the village elders and they decided to investigate his claims further.

The 3 year old child claims to have lived another live before he was born. In other words, he remembers his own reincarnation.

The Elders took him seriously and asked him to show them what he was remembering. He lead them to a place in the countryside and showed them the exact spot where he thought he had been buried by his murderer.

There was nothing to see there but grass, yet because they took him seriously they began to dig up the ground in that spot, only to discover a skeleton several feet under the ground exactly where he said it would be.

Before they began digging, he had also told them that the murder weapon had been an axe and that he had been struck in the head with it in the exact spot where the boy had a large red birthmark.

To the elders amazement, the skeleton’s skull had an axe wound in that very spot!

He then told them exactly where to dig to find the weapon, and of course, when they dug there, they found an axe.

He then took them to a neighboring village and told them what his name had been in his former life, when they went to that village and enquired after anyone by that name, the people in the village knew exactly who they were asking about and told the elders that the man had gone missing 4 years earlier.

The boy then told them the name of the man who had killed him, and they went to confront him… the man appeared to turn white as a ghost when he heard them recount the boys story and when he was taken out to the site where the skeleton was buried, the man broke down and confessed the crime.

It then went to a court hearing and his assailant was ultimately convicted of the crime and is still serving time in jail for the murder.

In my mind, there can be no great evidence of the reality of reincarnation than this amazing story!

Watch the video and let me know what you think of this!



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