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He Reveals The Truth About UFOs – Former CIA Agent Confesses on Deathbed

He Describes A Living Alien He Saw Himself, It’s Shocking… You Don’t Want To Miss This Extraordinary Interview

He speaks about Project Blue Book, MJ12, and Area 51 and other UFO collection sites… The truth about UFOs

He personally visited these sites where the CIA is still hiding UFOs, There are many! He speaks about how he went to ‘interview’ with a living grey Alien (he said it looked a little Asian, but definitely not human.

He said

“This one looked a little bit oriental, it didn’t look human as far as the skin tone, and basically the shape and size. Brain was kind of a little bit bigger, the nose was very very small, ears were basically holes, ears were small and mouth was small”

He was taken there so that he could go back and report directly to the President to tell him that they had seen the living Alien with his own eyes.

He said he also saw a U2 and a model of the BlackBird. An earlier version of it.

He personally watched the autopsy film of grey alien at S4.

He speaks about  how his superiors told him that the Government had no jurisdiction over their investigations.


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He speaks about how Eisenhower threatened to send in an Army division, what he calls the first army based in Colorado, if they didn’t disclose what was really going on in these investigations.

This is staggering, He had to take a vow to not tell a soul about what he saw for 50 years. He was under oath not to say a word.


If you want to see the truth about UFOs & the Citizen’s Hearing related to the interview. Click Through To The Next Page.


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