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[Breaking] Russia Shoots Down UFO Over Iran – Supernatural Buzz

Putin Deploys Special Forces To Recover UFO Wreckage

Initially reported as just a meteorite, but it’s now being claimed the event was actually a joint operation between Iran and Russia. They say it was an alien craft that “had been sent here to monitor Earth before it is destroyed at the end of September”. and that russian fighters shot it down.

It is alleged that there will be a massive meteorite hurtling towards Earth right now that is said to be going to hit the planet at the end of this month, this is what some are saying the the ufo/meteorite was here to observe.

The Daily Sheeple had this to say about it

“While NASA did put out a report debunking claims that an asteroid would wipe out Earth this coming September, people might have a hard time believing them when they can’t even respond to a real meteor impact in Iran.”

Also UFO sightings hotspot had this to say:

“”A disturbing new report being circulated in the Kremlin today by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) states that ‘significant elements’ of the newly created Aerospace Defence Forces (VKO) and the 22nd Spetsnaz (Special Forces) Brigade are currently being deployed throughout the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

“And are working in conjunction with the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution (IRGC) to ‘inspect and identify’ items within the massive debris field that resulted from the 31 July shoot down of an alien spacecraft.”

They went on the say that this ufo/meteorite was the vanguard of a alien fleet headed to Earth to attack us at the end of the month

they claimed that

“The identification of this alien spacecraft was made by the Aerospace Defence Forces (VKO) on 29 June after it attempted to ‘attack and destroy’ another spacecraft entering the atmosphere of our Earth over the State of Texas.”

UFO or meteorite?

So, was it a meteorite or a UFO? We have no idea! but there are suspicious circumstances around this event that can’t be explained away to easily.

All we can think is that the shocking theories that the world is going to end in late September – either from vicious earthquakes caused by a ‘Blood Moon’ on September 28, or because of  a huge asteroid hit  some time from September 23 will either happen or not.

NASA publicly denied  that an asteroid could

“Strike Earth any time this century”

We don’t place a lot of credibility on the theories surrounding this story, nevertheless felt it important to report it here as anything that involves a UFO and the military should be covered.


source: Youtube & UFO sightings hotspot


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