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Snowden Says “We’re Missing Alien Messages” – He is Wrong!

We have Been Contacted… The Proof Is Right Here!

For years, the truth has been right here under our noses, are being sent, but no one is officially coming out to confirm it… Why, because when the truth comes out, those in power will loose their power, probably overnight!

Edward Snowden told Neil deGrasse Tyson that he thinks aliens may be trying to communicate with us all the time, but we never heard them because their messages are encrypted. (heavy)

 He believes that their encryption is probably what is stopping us from understanding their messages. Here at Supernatural Buzz, we don’t buy that story. Why would aliens encryt a message to another intergalactic civilisation? It makes no sense!

We believe that they would look for a universal language, a language that aligns with the fundamental structure of the universe… And that’s exactly what we think they have done.

So, what’s this fundamental language?


Mathematics of course, specifically binary code… the base language of the computer you are sitting at, a series of 1’s and 0’s that when combined in different ways can be used to convey any information you can think of, like the words I am writing and you that are reading right now. These were all translated into binary code, sent through servers and retranslated out of binary code to get from me to you.

Aliens have transmitted messages to us using this very language. Not just “Hi, How are you?”. They have sent us very specific and clear responses to… You guessed it, they have responded to the SETI program’s (the Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence) signal that has been broadcast out to the universe from the Arecibo radio telescope in 1974.

The message was transmitted on November 16th 1974. It consisted of 1679 pulses of binary code (0’s and 1’s) – which took a little under three minutes to transmit. The number of pulses is important. 1679 is the unique product of two prime numbers; 23 and 73.

Any advanced lifeform out there would know to look for unique, universal systems as the basis for a communication. Things like prime numbers, chemical element frequencies or binary codes. They would understand as we do, that non universal constructs may not be able to be translated. For instance, an extraterrestrial being would not know what a centimeter is. Centimeters are a human system of measurement.

Back to 1679

ONLY two prime numbers, 23 and 73 multiplied together produce 1679 there is only one way to ‘arrange’ and also decipher the signal, by converting it into a grid of 23 by 73. Make sense? If not, it will soon!


The original signal looked like this:

seti code

When you layout the SETI message of 1974 into a grid of 23×79 squares it starts to make more sense, it becomes a chart, graphically representing important information about us. This is what it looks like.

To make it easier to see the image has been redone with the 1’s being black squares and the 0’s being blank squares and provided the interpretation of each element of the image.

Seti matrix      decrypt seti message

This gives the receiver of this signal a basic understanding of humanity.

Do you remember how at the beginning of this post, I said we have proof that we have received Alien messages?

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