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Funeral Strippers – A Different Farewell!

Don’t Believe Me? Then Watch The Video

Funeral Strippers are all the rage. It’s getting so out of hand that the Chinese Government has stepped in and outlawed them, not great news at first for the funeral strippers, but in the end, they are still going on everywhere around China!

Since the 1980’s, this new form of ‘entertainment’ has become very popular at funerals in China, especially in the rural districts. Yes, you read it right, this is not a city thing!

Old trucks are converted into brightly lit, mobile stages from which strippers, and singers  can perform, as well as other stage acts.

Funeral Strippers Story

This story isn’t so scary, but then, it depends on the stripper I guess!

The strangest aspect is that one might expect such sights in a big city, but in reality, it is the rural towns and smaller urban centers that see the Electric Flower Cars following along funeral prcessions. For a fee, one can have one of these vehicles, decked out in flashing neon lights, and one or more dancer, to provide the dead with one almighty send-off.

Packed to the max with speakers, the music thumps, the girls sing, and the clothes drop off. It is not unheard of for the deceased’s coffin to have a hole, so that they too may watch the strippers work (though one might also expect the spirit is not confined to the coffin, but still it is a nice touch!).

Funeral strippers typically stay clad in bikini but extra money can change that.

In many places going ‘full nude’ is considered illegal, but this does not stop extra currency being exchanged for the party to go ‘underground’.

It should be noted that funeral strippers, although common in Taiwan, are not considered the norm. Many people have smaller, more closed funerals, however, if you find yourself in a position to be ‘fixing up your earthly matters’, have the money, and the want for some ‘live entertainment’, then An Electric Flower Car, and a full deck of singers and dancers, can be easily obtained.
Note, as of 2015, the Chinese government has begun cracking down on the hiring of strippers for funerals.


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