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[UFO Sightings] Cool Compilation of UFO videos to Check Out

My Personal Favourite of These UFO Videos is About 2/3’s of the Way In. I Love the Ones Where They Suddenly Do Something You Least Expect.

It’s incredible how many new UFO¬†videos are being uploaded each day now, the number of per month over the last few years has literally doubled. The number of doubters has possibly halved!

I like to think that they are ramping up their visits to get us ready for first contact!

If all the conspiracy rumours have any truth to them and our Governments really do know what’s actually going on and are in contact with the beings caught in these UFO videos¬†and suppressing the info, I hope that these visitors just decide to announce themselves regardless of what the Governments want us to know.

There is a much better way to run this world, where people are not pitted against each other, or forced to work in dreary jobs they can’t stand to service debts that have been artificially created to keep them in those dreary jobs!

These UFO videos give me hope that there is a smarter more advanced civilisation out there that may soon one day put their hands up and wave hello to us and show us a path that will be for the better of all, not just a handful of the greedy elite!

I hope you enjoy the video!

source: youtube


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