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[OMG] New Video Showing UFO Firing 3 Engines Multiple Times

The Video Showing a UFO Was Shot By Moon Enthusiast with High Quality Equipment

Crrow777 strikes again, self created Moon expert who showcases his videos on YouTube. He regularly posts fascinating videos, this time is no exception with an exceptionally interesting video showing a UFO passing between us and the moon.

So, the videos he posts may not have amazing ‘wow’ factor, but when you consider what he is catching, they become much more interesting, but what’s most extraordinary about it is that this video showing a UFO has distinct moments where you can see what looks like engines being fired.

video showing a UFO

At one point, as the object seems to be orienting itself, you clearly see there are 3 simultaneously rockets being fired!

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We see a lot of rubbish being passed off as UFOs, reflections, clouds, smoke rings, and more. But this guy seems like the real deal to us. He is very thorough, explains any and all enhancements he makes to the images and why and what they are. This is the first video he has released where there is a clear sign of light emanating from the object itself!

We don’t profess to know what it is, or even guess at it, but we do think it’s author is legit!

We know of no space junk with engines!



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