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Black Eyed Children – Pure Terror! Supernatural Buzz

 Striking Cold Black Terror Into The Hearts Of Even The Bravest!

A new video (6 mins) sheds further evidence of their existence and the terror the wreck on the people that encounter them and live to tell the tale!

No one survives and is unaffected! There are many accounts of lives are completely destroyed after just one encounter!

The publisher of the video has this to say:

Many people wrongfully refer to the Black Eyed Children phenomenon as an “Urban Legend”. Due to skepticism and lack of proof, many people believe that the claims are false and nothing more than just stories. This leads many people to loosely use the term “Urban Legend”. The fact is…Urban Legends are stories that can not be traced to a particular person, place or time. In order for a story to be catagoried as an urban legend; the story must lack an eyewitness and can not be accredited.In the case of Black Eyed Children…there are hundreds of eyewitness’ that are verifiable and can be interviewed. Thus placing the Black Eyed Children in the catagory of “reports”. Whether you choose to believe that the reports are accounted with honesty or not; is your choice to make.

blak eyed children

BREAKING NEWS! New Black Eyed Children Evidence! Go to the Next Page to See This New Video!



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