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The Untold Secret of NASA – Alien Planets Revealed

OK, is a Little Bit Oversensationalized, But It’s Still a Worthy Watch!

When you have some spare time, take a break and watch this fascinating documentary about revealed. It showcases the Keplar telescope and the amazing finds it is making.

This extraordinary telescope is pulling back the covers for us, allowing scientists to see and analyze planets previously unknown to us.

alien planets revealed

Alien Planets Revealed collates and summarizes this info into a very digestible format that is truly fascinating.

They are finding more and more planets out there in what is now know as the “habitable zone” a zone that surrounds a star that is much like ours and has the highest probability of having worlds that are capable of sustaining life.

The range of planets within this zone increases with each find and “Alien Planets Revealed” goes in to detail about these planets.

alien planets revealed

Scientists believe that some of these planets may even have sea’s covering them.

As they continue to carry out their research, the chance of discovering alien life increases.

For us here at Supernatural Buzz, we think it is only a matter of time before there is an alien planet found with alien life on it!

source: youtube


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