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New UFO Sightings in the UK, Are They Creating the Crop Circles?

Another UFO Sighting!

This time it is in the small town of Louth, in the United Kingdom.

The┬áPeople of England and the greater United Kingdom are no strangers to the unexplained. not only are the lots of ufo sightings, but the United Kingdom is home to the world’s largest number of crop circles.

Crop circles and UFO’s have long been thought to have some sort of relationship with each other… In fact, there is one particular video that shows clearly a speeding light flying over the fields while almost instantly a new crop circle appears as if by magic!

This is What the Grimsby Telegraph reporter discovered about this most recent sighting

A Louth man who claims to have seen a UFO hovering around last night has said it is ‘the talk of the town.’

Keith Angel, of Grimsby Road, wrote to the Telegraph to report of an apparent sighting of a UFO or low flying aircraft which ‘produced a deafening sound’ and blew a’ trail of flames.’

Mr Angel said the incident occurred between 11.30pm and midnight in the Grimsby Road area of Louth.

He said: “As I drove down Grimsby Road I heard a very loud jet engine sound above that of the car engine.

So, is there a connection between this sighting and the crop circles? Others who have witnessed crop circles as they appeared have said they also noticed a loud roar and a ball of light racing low over the fields

We haven’t seen a better video of crop circles being created since this one was taken!



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