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Moon Conspiracy Part 1 – A REAL Glitch in the Matrix

┬áIs Not What We Are Being Shown. This One Can’t Be Explained Away!

We are so used to seeing glitches on our DVD players and TV’s that we barely notice them at all… But what if that glitch is in real life? Yeah sure, it was caught on video, but the creator of the video conclusively confirms that the ‘glitch’ was not an aberration of the camera, but happened on the itself!

Now, it was only recently that I ran the ‘Artificial Moon‘ Story and that one rattled my ideas about what the moon really is, but this one really spooked me and got me to thinking.

So I have spent the last week gather up a bunch of threads, videos from ameteur videographers from around the world that are capturing and revealing some very disturbing new discoveries. Things that NASA are not showing us or deliberately retouching the images they release to hide things. As usual, they are doing all this in plain sight!

The Moon, we established in the post above, is so ‘not right’ that it is easier to explain its non existence that its existence. It’s totally plausible that it really is not what it seems to be, but this video appears to be showing us, in ‘no uncertain terms’, that something may very well be being deliberately hidden from us, and with a technology that is apparently staggering to comprehend!

When you really think this one through, and considering the evidence we will be showing you in part 2 of this series, it looks very much like our view of the moon is being filtered.

the moon

It appears that there are certain things on its face that are being obscured intentionally, but not completely.

using rather simple adjustments to contrast and brightness, details are being uncovered that are incredible to comprehend. I am personally familiar with how effective a shift in contrast and brightness on an image can be. I have used this simple technique many times to bring out details in all sorts of photos, in fact, it can bring out details that were completely impossible to see without the adjustments.

The extraordinary thing about the video on the next page, is that you can see what’s going on without any need for adjustment at all!

What is it exactly? Well it certainly isn’t a trick of the cameraman, he is a very legitimate source, a very careful and and considered character and we trust his observations implicitly. He shows that it is not a glitch in the camera clearly. So from the evidence submitted, it appears that there is some sort of shrouding device, on scale difficult to comprehend, that is being used to transform the face of the moon significantly enough to ‘hide’ whatever is really up there.

Whether you agree with our conclusions is up to you, watch the video and see this extraordinary footage and judge for yourself what it might be…

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