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Could This Be Jim Morrison’s Ghost?

Jim Morrison was a hugely famous American singer in the 60’s. He died in 1971 in Paris aged 27.The cause of his death remains a mystery. An autopsy was never performed, however the suspected ones are heroin overdose or heart attack.

This photo was taken of a journalist by the name of Brett Meisner. He went to visit Jim’s grave on a trip to Paris. The  photo was taken right beside Morrison’s headstone.

Morrison was songwriter and poet, remembered primarily as the lead singer of a band called “The Doors”.

If you look closely at the photo, you can see a shadowy figure in the crypt doorway you will also notice that the figures  arms are held wide – this stance is very similar to  a famous publicity photo of Morrison.

Could this be the Jim Morrison’s ghost?

jim morrison's ghost


According to a piece published along with a this video from YouTube, the creator ofthe video said:

Doors legend Jim Morrison died in 1971…or did he? This iconic ghost picture, in which the dead singer appears next to his own grave, is NOT a fake, according to a new book. Read the full incredible story at


You be the judge of this for yourself… another unexplainable mystery of the paranormal from the Supernatural Buzz team!


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