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[Breaking] UFO Sightings Caught Again By Nasa Live Feed On ISS

This  Hits The Major News Networks!

We review literally hundreds of videos, news feeds and more, looking for a good  sighting that are out of the ordinary. Today, NASA delivered up the goods again.

Less than 3 weeks after the last big UFO sighting from Nasa’s Live ISS feed, here we are again, but this time they stay on screen for much longer. I say they, because we can see 3 rising away from the earth at enormous speed, before NASA amazingly, cuts the feed again.

Yep, that was sarcasm, disdain, and a bit of “WTF, Seriously!” thrown in for good measure.

ufo sighting

Nasa UFO

Now, some of you might laugh it off, call it BS, fake, or space garbage, but when you have seen as many videos as we have, this is UFO sighting isn’t so easy for us to write off as a hoax.

One Youtube viewer wrote

“BINGO Caught them red handed leaving earths orbit. Thats the kind of proof that is needed.”

Even if after reading this, you are not convinced, take the time to watch the video an see for yourself.

Remember, this is Nasa’s Live feed from the International Space station, it’s been posted to youtube multiple times, by numerous enthusiasts who take the time and go to the trouble to record this feed themselves…

Think about it, could it really be possible for so many people to jointly collaborate with each other to all create the same hoax UFO sighting footage on each of their recordings and then collectively post them all to youtube and multiple other news feeds across the internet?

It’s highly unlikely! like this, from undeniable sources such as NASA and happening with greater & greater frequency

Watch the video, see how fast these things are moving and how they are converging from different points around the world, keep in mind that this footage is covering thousands of square miles of the Earth’s surface, and… you get he picture right?

Then decide for yourself whether all the people making these recordings are collaboratively doctoring them before uploading them… I think not!

Drop your thoughts in the comment box below and let us know what you think of all this.

I’m sure we’ll see the usual BS/Fake etc comments, but as amusing as they are,  I will instead be keeping an eye out and looking forward to the more intelligent and sophisticated comments and speculations as to what this UFO sighting might actually be!



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