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[BREAKING] Researcher Uncovers The Truth Behind The Black Knight Satellite

I Was Shocked But Not Surprised… Many Will Love This Discovery!

He very apologetically lays out the evidence and presents a very convincing argument… probably the most convincing argument ever put forward.

Using simple and systematic deduction and investigative analysis, he uncovers the truth behind the infamous Black Knight Satellite that was first photographed in 1998, but was linked back to an announcement mentioned by Tesla after he claimed to have received transmissions from Extraterrestrials. The people who have been researching the “black Knight satellite” claim that this was the first time the “black knight satellite” was mentioned.

Although the transmissions he received were from deep space, they were actually pulses from stars in deep space, not transmissions from Extraterrestrials!

black knight satellite

The Black Knight Satellite shot by NASA in 1998

In 1963 fuel was added to the Black Knight satellite fire, when NASA astronaut Gordon Cooper was reported saying that he saw what he called the ‘Black Knight Satellite’ while he was in space… There was an immediate media blackout when his returned to earth and NASA alleged he was suffering from cosmic hallucinations.

Then in 1973 Duncan Lunan, a researcher from Scotland, put forward the idea that  the Black Knight Satellite was sent by aliens from Epsilon Boötis, as a welcome message to Earth 12,600 years ago. He based this on recordings made by a scientist in 1928 that were the same thing that Tesla had recorded.

There are sceptics that are claiming that these legends were created after the 1998 pictures emerged, to make it more convincing.

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