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Liquid Water Found On Mars

Yes, You Read Right… See The Official NASA Broadcast Here

Finding liquid water on found on Mars is huge. This along with them discovering the the air on Mars is actually humid and not arid, as they thought, and that the soul there is actually quite moist has huge implications.

This news turns everything we thought about Mars on its head!

The Red Planet is significantly more like Earth than we though. And will probably mean we will be sending people there sooner than previously planned to.

also make the planet more habitable for us: meaning we will see people not only going sooner, but staying longer. NASA has announced that they want to get biologists there as soon as they can now, to study it from a biological perspective and do a detailed search for life!

Watch the official NASA announcement of liquid water found on Mars… It’s fascinating!

source: bbc news

A full report coming soon


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