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[BREAKING] UFO Caught On NASA Live Feed

More UFO Proof! This Time From The Space Station’s Live Feed

[UPDATE] We just got word that this ship is estimated to be more than 12 miles in length! And it’s being claimed by some to be the most legitimate sighting ever!

And guess what, NASA’s live feed went down seconds after the Unidentified Flying Object flashed past on the video stream.

Luckily for us, one guy was recording the stream and decided to review the footage prior to the feed going offline and what he discovered is very solid evidence.

We have assembled some photos here showing the UFO in the highest resolution possible and a video showing the live feed and how the unidentified flying object was identified.

image of UFO

This photo highlights the structure of the Unidentified Flying Object

image of UFO showing its structure

Its Amazing stuff, HUGE revelations, incredible when you think about what he says he has seen!

Live Aliens no less!

And coming from NASA’s live feed, difficult to dispute this UFO sighting.

This Sighting was even more remarkable as it’s clear that the ship was travelling at warp speed. The Fact That the camera even caught it was a miracle. It’s conjectured that both NASA and whoever was onboard the ship, both didn’t suspect that it would catch them at that speed!

Watch the full video report showing how it was discovered on the next page



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